Part Two UMGC Video Series: Tips for Ensuring a Safe and Secure Online Presence

University of Maryland Global Campus is observing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019 with a three-part video series throughout the month featuring UMGC cyber faculty, students and recent alumni, who share their tips and insights to help you understand and secure your digital profile at home and at work.

In Part Two of our series, Michelle Hansen, UMGC collegiate professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics, and UMGC alumna Felicia Newton, recent graduate of the university’s Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigations Program share their tips on securing consumer devices and what we must be aware of in an age where so many new devices are coming “online” in today’s smart home.Continue Reading

‘Family Album’ Is Subject of UMGC Joint Exhibition at US District Courthouse

The enormous, four-story lobby of the U.S. District Courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland, isn’t the kind of place where one would expect to find art exhibitions. Walking by rooms identified on plaques as bankruptcy courts, one is even more surprised to see bright, colorful paintings. But that’s kind-of the point, said Peter J. Messitte, a senior U.S. district judge.Continue Reading

Employers Underscore the Importance of Hands-on Skills at 2019 Decoding Your Cyber Career Event

“Basic certifications are important to get out of the gate, but hands-on experience goes a long way toward opening doors,” said Mike Janke, master of ceremonies for “Decoding Your Cyber Career,” a networking and informational event held on October 2 at the Robert and Eleanor Romadka College Center on the Essex campus of the Community College of Baltimore (CCBC).Continue Reading