Watch It Now: Dr. Peter Smith to Facebook Live Viewers—By Ignoring Hidden Talents “We Are Wasting America’s Treasure”

There is a lot of unrecognized talent walking around America, Dr. Peter Smith,  told viewers during his June 14 live interview on Facebook. “From a policy perspective, that’s a huge national problem that is hurting our country,” added University of Maryland University College (UMUC) Orkand Endowed Chair and professor of innovative practices in higher education.

See Smith’s interview, moderated by UMUC Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer Alan Drimmer, on UMUC’s Facebook page.Continue Reading

Peter Smith’s New Book Charts a Path Through the “Blizzard” of Higher Education Change

Peter Smith, educator and author, asks two questions.

How much of what you know did you learn in a college classroom?

How much of what you know did you learn from personal and on-the-job experience?

If the answer is—as he expects—that you learned far more from your experience outside the classroom, he then asks a third.Continue Reading

Tools and Technology Take Higher Education Back to the Future

By 2025, higher education has transformed itself back to the future, to a time of the earliest philosophers of education when learning was self-paced, guided by mentors or coaches, and assessed by how well students had mastered essential competencies, rather than by the credentials they have earned, said John C. Cavanaugh, PhD, president and CEO of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.Continue Reading