Exhibit Offers Historic Perspective on the Horrors of War

“The Colossus,” an 1818-25 work in the collection of the Museo del Prado, is one of the scariest paintings attributed to the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. In it, mayhem has broken out on the ground and people and animals disperse in all directions as fighting seems to dominate the landscape. But the figures appear as mere ants compared to the  giant—his nudity obscured by clouds—that towers above the scene. Fists raised, the giant is reminiscent of the war-god Mars.Continue Reading

UMUC Exhibit Features 60 Maryland-Region Artists

Lesa Cook’s terra cotta sculpture “Bacchus as Uninvited Houseguest” (2015) comes as advertised. Naked per custom, the Roman god of wine lies on a couch. A laurel wreath and grapes adorn his head. He holds a cup in his hand; his gut is appropriately proportioned for the patron saint of gluttony. The mustachioed figure resembles a familiar uncle, not a denizen of Olympus.Continue Reading

Arts Program Day Trip Is a Southern Odyssey

Art Lovers Mingle with Artists in Their Studios

After a foray to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two years ago and to Brooklyn, New York, last year, the destination for the third annual UMUC daylong art trip was south of the Mason-Dixon line. The Arts Program took a few dozen art lovers and supporters on a 15-hour excursion to museums and artists’ studios in the Virginia tidewater region.Continue Reading

Art Comes Alive On Bus Trip To Brooklyn

A Day of Discovery

June 7 was a memorable day for art lovers. Some 38 art enthusiasts traveled by bus to Brooklyn on a trip sponsored by the Arts Program at UMUC. The journey began shortly after sunrise at the Leroy Merritt Center for the Art of Joseph Sheppard in Adelphi. From the time we boarded the bus until we returned safely that evening, art was the topic of the day.Continue Reading

A Juicer, Marbles And The Spirited Movement Of Water Itself

Exhibit Demonstrates the Artistry Possible in Water Media

The old red REO pictured in UMUC’s Arts Program Gallery must have been one sweet ride in its heyday. In the skilled hands of the artist who painted it, the REO remains unsentimentally magnificent—and captured the grand award in the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibition, sponsored by the Baltimore Watercolor Society and hosted by UMUC.Continue Reading