UMUC President Miyares Named “Outstanding Educator of the Year” by Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

University of Maryland University College President Javier Miyares has been named “Outstanding Educator of the Year” by the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MDHCC).

The MDHCC announced the award at its fifth annual Business Award Holiday Gala on Jan. 18 at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore.

“We would like to congratulate all nominees, finalists and winners of the 2017 Business Excellence Awards,” said Castillo. “Your dedication to our businesses and community is commendable. You serve as a shining example of American and Hispanic Exceptionalism. May these recognitions serve as inspiration to many who will follow your footsteps.”

President Miyares was nominated for the award along with finalists Phoenix Liu, director of the School of Languages, Literatures and Culture at the University of Maryland, College Park; Wallace Loh, president of the University of Maryland, College Park; and DeRoinne P. Pollard, president of Montgomery College.

The MDHCC also recognized leaders in categories such as Outstanding Business of the Year, Outstanding Corporate Partner of the Year, Outstanding Elected Official of the Year, Outstanding Non-Profit of the Year, Outstanding Professional of the Year, Outstanding Small Business of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year.

MDHCC is the premier state-wide institution for the representation and advancement of business interests before the public and private sectors. MDHCC represents and connects more than 60,000 Hispanic-owned businesses in the region and focuses on developing a business network that provides the Hispanic community and the business community at large with cohesion and strength.


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